Our approach: modular and result driven

Our working method is inspired by Design Thinking and Lean Startup. The tailor-made program has clear milestones and results that we deliver as agreed. Depending on the situation, you can follow the whole program or you can choose to step in and out at different points throughout the process. This can take place either within a one-day workshop or through following a program lasting several months. This leads to a results-oriented approach tailored to the challenges of your company. Whether it is a flexible SME or a powerful multinational. With our drive, broad experience and hands-on approach, we adapt easily to any organization. Finch Inovation is able to adopt different roles which may be required, e.g.: coach, process accelerator, trainer, workshop facilitator or project manager. Our compensation is controllable; we plan per phase and it is possible for you to withdraw from the process at any point.

Can we help you realize your innovation?


 'In order to keep up with this rapidly changing world, I know it is key to innovate.

But what, when and how?'

In this phase we will define what, where and when to innovate. Together we delve deeper into the existing and future situation (trends, customers, market, competition, organization, technology) and scan for new growth opportunities. This results in relevant innovation focus areas ('Must Win Innovatie Battles'): specific areas in which your organization can grow and innovate. These areas are worked out with a tangible innovation strategy and a clear roadmap.


Throughout this phase we use the following tools: Vision canvas, Innovation Readiness Canvas, Analytics, Customer Journey Mapping, Goal Focus tool, Portfolio Management, Strategic Roadmap, Business & technology Roadmap, Lego Serious Play, Stakeholder mapping.


'I can see opportunities  for my company, but how do we create the concepts customers are looking for

and how can we earn money applying this?

In the ‘Co-create’ phase we generate new product concepts customers desire, with business models that work. Together we define who your (potential) customers are and which needs and challanges they face: “Which problem do we really need to solve and for which customer?”. Using valid and qualitative techniques, we generate ideas and translate them into relevant product concepts and business models. The most critical hypotheses are consulted with your customers. This results in 1-3 validated propositions and business models.

Throughout this phase we use the following tools: Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Customer Journey Mapping and different kinds of workshops and brainstorm techniques.


 'I have got a potentially valuable product idea,

but how should my organization launch this product into the market successfully?'

In the 'Deliver' phase we, as innovation project managers, make sure that your valuable product idea is actually recognized. To accelerate the process, we start at the earliest possible time with building prototypes and test them with your customers. This is an iterative process. We use the Lean Startup method which is characterized by quick experiments, learning and adjusting. The result is a valid prototype and clear launch tactics, consisting of a marketing-and- sales-plan, and a production plan. Your organization is then ready for take-off!


Throughout this phase we use the following tools: Design Thinking, Lean start-up, Project Management, Program Management, Marketing & Sales Plan.