Drive and hands-on

The Finch Innovation team shares a passion for creating new products that really make a significant difference in people's lives. We have been putting this into practice at different types of companies: from large multinationals to successfully setting up a startup. In order to make even more difference in people's lives with relevant innovation, we started Finch Innovation in 2016. We are both very driven to share our knowledge and experience, in order to help even more companies realize significant and meaningful innovations.

Carla is an energetic and determined person. She proved in various positions to be able to generate, develop and launch innovative products and marketing concepts. For 8 years within Philips she was responsible for product development and marketing strategy, within a variety of national and international New Business departments.


As a co-founder, she launched her own start-up: In over ten years, this unique web shop selling personalized products developed into a successful and mature business. Carla has a master’s degree (MSc) in Industrial Design Engineering (Delft University of Technology).



With starting Finch Innovation, Carla has a clear, new ambition: to bring her product innovation know-how and experience to other companies. Her passion is to solve a problem in a creative way and transform this into a realistic, structured approach. With her enthusiasm and passion, she gets people around the table heading for the same direction.

For over 16 years, Marijn has led international innovation projects in multinationals like Philips, FrieslandCampina, Kodak and Delta Lloyd. Her last project at FrieslandCampina was the development and introduction of a game-changing innovation: Lattiz®.
Lattiz® is a revolutionary milk frothing solution for Horeca that delivers consistent barista-quality frothed milk at the push of a button and that requires no cleaning.

Marijn has a master’s degree (MSc) in Business Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam). With her experience in leading complex innovation projects from beginning to end, she helps organizations to accelerate and realize relevant innovations.


She has a strong drive and delivers qualitative content. She is persistent in solving problems and loves to look for creative solutions. Marijn is result driven, quick, accurate and a team player. Her creativity and entrepreneurship combined with her enthusiasm make that she really gets things done.

Our name

Finch is named after the colorful and curious bird. The Finch is characterized by his simplicity, diversity and high energy level; all important traits for creative and innovative activities. Finch Innovation is also inspired by Charles Darwin. The Finches he discovered on the Galapagos Islands (Darwins’ Finches) allowed him to conclude his theory of evolution.


But most of all, the literal translation of finch in Dutch is the tick-in-the-box, which symbolizes matters that are completed and dealt with. This defines our natural drive to get things done, to finch it.