Finch Innovation helps your organization to stay relevant

We believe that organizations will only be future-proof if they remain meaningful to their customers.
Finch Innovation is a flexible innovation agency that helps companies to make the relevant advancements.

We  facilitate in bringing product innovations to real life; innovations that customers are looking for, with business models that work. Motivation, experience and a hands-on-approach are what Finch stands for.

From an initial idea to a successful launch: fast, step-by-step and managable.

Innovation is not just about inventing new things but more about actually doing new things. A structured and result orientated approach considerably increases the chance of a successful innovation. The clear step-by-step approach Finch adopts, ensures the innovations are brought to life.


Our approach

Finch uses a structured, modular and up-to-date program based on Design Thinking and Lean Startup. Every innovation journey is different, but withinin each innovation, three phases can be distinguished: Discover, Co-create, Deliver. These phases show clear milestones and outcomes, which will be agreed upon upfront. Whether it is a small/medium sized enterprise or large multinational, Finch's collective and result driven approach will fit the challenges faced by your company.

Our name

Finch is named after the colorful and curious bird. The Finch is characterized by his simplicity, diversity and high energy level; all important traits for creative and innovative activities. Finch Innovation is also inspired by Charles Darwin. The Finches he discovered on the Galapagos Islands (Darwins’ Finches) allowed him to conclude his theory of evolution.


But most of all, the literal translation of finch in Dutch is the tick-in-the-box, which symbolizes matters that are completed and dealt with. This defines our natural drive to get things done, to finch it.

Who we are?

The Finch team shares a passion for recognizing new products that make a significant difference in people’s lives. We have practiced this for over 16 years within different kinds of companies: from large multinationals to setting up a startup. We have mainly developed our experience in innovation strategy, idea and concept generation, and new product development. Our strengths includes a combination of creativity and the ability to solve complex problems. We have a strong drive to share our knowledge and experience in order to help even more companies realize meaningful and significant innovations.

Carla Siebinga

Marijn Rings-Wijma